About Clique

Clique Studios is an award-winning digital agency offering strategy, design, engineering, and marketing for high-growth organizations. We specialize in crafting digital experiences in the industries where it makes the most impact: education, healthcare, startups, and non-profits.

From day one, we've had the mindset of Growth Through Quality. That means we invest our time in making things, and hope the quality of what we make (and the relationships we build along the way) will lead to our growth, rather than fundraising or sales strategies. This mindset has helped us grow organically every year for ten years straight.

Over the years, Clique has designed and built over 400 digital platforms for Chicago staples like Northwestern University, The Second City, Adler Planetarium, and the Special Olympics. We were named a "Best and Brightest Place to Work For," a Webby honoree, recognized as a global “Site of the Day,” and won a Gold at the American Business Awards.

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